Basic knowledge about cosplay wigs.

As a Coser we all have a few wigs, some cosplay wigs have a common problem that is often not if, after a period of time will be rough and dull, and then you can only still trash, but unlike a wig and a roll of toilet paper so cheap that is some waste. What method can let the permanent shape our shiny, wigs for women as the real hair? Here to teach you a few strokes, so that we become experts in protect wigs!

Choose a good quality cosplay wigs
The face of the market a superb collection of beautiful things hair products, quality is uneven, some hair in the head with a glance will be seen to be false. The feeling is very embarrassing when you look at your shape in public. Learn to choose a top quality wigs for women!
Currently on the market can be divided into two categories: chemical fiber wig, human hair, chemical fiber and mixed real hair three.
1 common is chemical fiber silk, the price is cheap, to compare the effect of “false”, unless you are playing Cosplay games, or T model during the real life, wear this cosplay wigs texture is not suitable to go shopping.
2 television drama with human hair, expensive.
3 chemical fiber and human hair mixed kind is most suitable for use in life wigs for women, can achieve the effect of real ones, the price of 200 yuan or more.

The first consideration: mesh material cosplay wigs
In the choice of wigs for women, we must first look at the net material comfort and permeability, it is best to wear a try itching and irritation. Then pull the wig inside the elastic band, don’t choose too loose. Because wearing a wig after some time to loose some, but not too tight, if the conditions are best customized.

Second: fire, blowing cosplay wigs quality discrimination
Then look at the wigs for women texture, generally not good quality hair wig, with the fire that emits unpleasant smell, there is a method is to open the hair dryer to strong thermal profile, the air will in the wig 3~5 seconds (time not too long, in order to avoid the net expected, if it is really bad) people will not something, if other materials will be exposed, an unpleasant smell.

Third: choose the right color cosplay wigs
Wearing the wig to coordinate with the skin color, in their own hair, should try to choose the same color with their hair or close to the color, in the hair less or when their hair should be selected according to color. Skin white and brown yellow, light brown should choose black wig; should choose black, brown and black wig; color yellow should choose maroon, dark brown wig; the masquerade party and other activities should be selected and coordinated according to the color and light makeup wigs for women, such as wine red, yellow, orange, red and purple.