Are you still the old hairstyle?Try this new fashion hairstyles for women.

The weather is getting colder and colder, guess you must not bear to cut short hair, afraid of cold. But a mess of no hairstyles for women, really affect your appearance.Why does the other girls can be goddess? Because they are very concerned about their appearance, brave to try new things.

Do you feel difficult to catch the most popular hairstyles for women and hair color? Do not know what new tricks can be on your head?Why not try the undercut!

Undercut refers to the hair from the bottom to copy up. Now the most tide of creativity is to use this area, to create a variety of tricks. When you tie up the hair when the pattern of this area will be exposed, the effect is like a tattoo, especially eye-catching. In some occasion have to keep low key, this hairstyles for women can not reveal any clues.

There are many girls will choose this lotus-like pattern, very delicate, full of exotic.

Some simple geometric lines, looks very good.

And some more personalized, will “pattern” some asymmetric or irregular pattern for this hairstyles for women.

Or you can also put it in the side, a larger area, the effect is more out of personality.

Even some people use sequins to decorate.

Have you ever wanted to try this hairstyle for women?


How to take care of curly wigs for women can make yourself more beautiful.

Curly wigs for women always give people a sense of old-fashioned and dust, so even girls like curly hair but they do not dare to try though.But if we take care it in the right way,they’ll not only no old-fashioned and dust, but more soft and feminine!

If it is black wigs for women to start the hair styling, be sure to avoid the volume of the roll out too much, that would give people a heavy feeling of hair. A ripple large curly hair is very fresh and beautiful, and then leave a ray of fine curls in the ears, with crystal bright earrings with together, super sweet and beauty!

Air bangs wigs for women, highlight the lovely temperament, looks gentle and well-behaved.

Partial gorgeous curly wigs for women is gorgeous and charming, coupled with the lips is simply lore.

With fashionable dress,hair volume and curvature can not be very small, so not only to highlight the classical atmosphere is also very fashionable, best with the 37 points wigs for women, classic and charming.

Lob wigs for women in this year will still be the mainstream, but we can try to give the original Lob head a little transformation, such as hot a little degree, the degree of fashion will be greatly enhanced.

10 short hairstyles for women , choose the right face type cut just look good

Each girl has short hair complex, more or less want to try a short hair, and some of a hairstyles for women make you feel fall in love, and some cut make you have want to die, broken hair just fell to vow to stay hair.

hairstyles for women

How to choose a short hairstyles for women for your own, after reading your cut or cut heart there are a few.

hairstyles for women

I suggest you can cut from these points:

hairstyles for women

First to find their own style,
And then determine the approximate face,
Is a very special fluffy hair very little or very docile or natural curly hair quality,
According to their height selection length,choose one hairstyles for women for yourself.

hairstyles for women

1.ladies hairstyles for women, suitable for short hair of the student sister
Face: oval face, oval face, long face, oval face, inverted triangular face, large forehead face
Hair: hair volume is relatively small, the natural volume can be, but the special thick hair impatient hair is not suitable.

hairstyles for women

2.Capable type, personality hairstyles for women
Style: Comparison of the pursuit of individual dress, work more active people active.
Face: fit oval face, square face, oval face, inverted triangular face, round face. Diamond face, almond face.
Hair: hair quality or hair are more suitable for moderate, if the hair is very hard and have a strong natural volume can be appropriate to do hair straight to the hair supple.

hairstyles for women

3.Tender egg rolls hairstyles for women

hairstyles for women
Style: want to highlight the most suitable for women
Face: fit oval face, inverted triangular face, diamond face, round face. Square face, pear-shaped face, oval face, almond face, oval face.
Hair: hair medium or less of the girls, the natural volume of the more powerful do not try.

hairstyles for women