Getting beauty with human hair wigs you can learn from Emma Watson.

She is “Harry Potter” Hermione, Brown University, After her graduation, the actress was appointed as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joked that he hopes Watson uses her magic wand to end violence against women.. Not only committed to the feminist movement, especially in the fashion circle play freely. In particular, changes in hairstyles , will lead to a fever of human hair wigs popular. Recently she caused a sensation cause of her reappearance in London subway station.

Emma in real life is not static, but know how to use the hairstyles hold different occasions, different stages of life, we can also use them with our human hair wigs!

Ten years “Hermione”: blonde hair dynamic wave human hair wigs
She is beautiful since her childhood, blond curls collocation strewn full of youthful spirit, plus the iconic sweet smile, is really adorable!
From the first to the end of the article, “Hermione” are all signs of a big wave hairstyles. Emma grew up, the young face gradually faded, adorable flat bangs became capable of partial, revealed a faint smell of ripe.

Be yourself: sexy and boyfriend style human hair wigs
Emma once again lead the new trend, when she suddenly cut her long hair, young girls completed a small woman’s metamorphosis. “Cut the hair, it feels like a mature woman, ready to take the risk of life.” That day she change her hairstyles, she also opened a new life.

self-confidence mature: partial long human hair wigs
Since Emma cut her hair, not only on the major fashion cover, but also become the favourite of the street photographer. Dazzling entertainment, Emma is like a stream, into the University began to accumulate meditation knowledge, Boyfriend style also changed to tender longer hair.
Four years later, the 24 year old Emma graduated from the Brown University, a slim girl. Wearing a cap, long hair scattered randomly, bangs slightly modified forehead, exudes from the inside of the self-confidence.

Random variety Lob human hair wigs
Now, with a smooth and clean shoulder length lob, not only in fashion hairstyles, entertainment, and even in academic circles,Emma have become a all-powerful woman, live like a queen. Of course, it is difficult for the world to have second Emma Watson, but like the goddess from scratch to change, we can also do it with human hair wigs.

Eight Ways To Make Your Halloween Wigs for women Look Real.

The day-halloween!The annual chance to be someone else, if only for a night. One of the easiest ways to go incognito? Throwing on a wigs for women, which can take you from pin-straight brunette to Natalie Portman in Closer real quick. But not all wigs are created equal…


Whether you’re splurging on a human hair piece or just want to make your synthetic wigs for women look as real as possible, it’s all about customization and having the right tricks up your sleeve.For a crash course, I went to Bumble and bumble’s downtown salon, where their stylists decoded exactly how to tailor a wig by helping me customize a wig in advance of Halloween.


Here exactly what you need to do, real or synthetic:


1.Dye it a different color.
“If you’re planning on buying a wigs for women and having a colorist color it for Halloween, look for one with natural hair fibers–you will also be able to heat style natural hair versus burning a synthetic wig,” explains Bb.colorist Luis Ayala, adding that blonde wigs will be the easiest to color and tone


2.Shop at a hair store instead of costume store.
Whether they’re year-round or a seasonal pop-up, costume shops will overcharge for wigs for women. Beauty supply stores that sell wigs will be your best bet for a solid quality-to-price ratio.

Portrait of the beautiful young woman with long brown hair

3.Cut or trim it.
“Out of box, wigs for women often don’t have a great cut,” explains Bumble and bumble Stylist Mischa G. “You should be cutting or trimming them to the best of your ability.” Or, take it to a pro stylist.


4.Add powder to get rid of plastic-y shine.
Real or synthetic, wigs for women often come with an unnatural shine. You can counter this by misting on dry shampoo or applying other kinds of hair powder, says Misc102507

5.Tweeze the center part.

Off-the-shelf wigs have eerily-perfect center parts and hairlines. Wigs for women to make yours look more natural, use tweezers to pluck out random strands.

Brown Hair. Portrait of Beautiful Woman with Long Hair.

6.Add oomph with product.
Synthetic and especially healthy human hair wigs for women will both need a boost in the volume department. If you’re starting off with wet human hair, blow dry a soft thickening spray into it.

10 short hairstyles for women , choose the right face type cut just look good

Each girl has short hair complex, more or less want to try a short hair, and some of a hairstyles for women make you feel fall in love, and some cut make you have want to die, broken hair just fell to vow to stay hair.

hairstyles for women

How to choose a short hairstyles for women for your own, after reading your cut or cut heart there are a few.

hairstyles for women

I suggest you can cut from these points:

hairstyles for women

First to find their own style,
And then determine the approximate face,
Is a very special fluffy hair very little or very docile or natural curly hair quality,
According to their height selection length,choose one hairstyles for women for yourself.

hairstyles for women

1.ladies hairstyles for women, suitable for short hair of the student sister
Face: oval face, oval face, long face, oval face, inverted triangular face, large forehead face
Hair: hair volume is relatively small, the natural volume can be, but the special thick hair impatient hair is not suitable.

hairstyles for women

2.Capable type, personality hairstyles for women
Style: Comparison of the pursuit of individual dress, work more active people active.
Face: fit oval face, square face, oval face, inverted triangular face, round face. Diamond face, almond face.
Hair: hair quality or hair are more suitable for moderate, if the hair is very hard and have a strong natural volume can be appropriate to do hair straight to the hair supple.

hairstyles for women

3.Tender egg rolls hairstyles for women

hairstyles for women
Style: want to highlight the most suitable for women
Face: fit oval face, inverted triangular face, diamond face, round face. Square face, pear-shaped face, oval face, almond face, oval face.
Hair: hair medium or less of the girls, the natural volume of the more powerful do not try.

hairstyles for women

Even if you wear glasses, have a good hairstyles for man you’ll always be the male god!

Hairstyles for men with glasses now has become more and more, but the glasses do not mean “ugly” and “low”

hairstyles for men

with the fashion missed, glasses has become popular accessories, concave shape necessary, as long as with a good hairstyle for men and dress, fashionable to not work, Student air soil male male into a god.


hairstyles for men

1.Forehead side part

hairstyles for men
This hairstyle for men, Glasses men it is quite handsome, if coupled with a black round-rimmed glasses, it is even more fresh scholar temperament.

hairstyles for men

2.Fashion Mohican

hairstyles for men
The same without the former bangs, Mohigan hairstyles for men simple and then with the appropriate glasses, refreshing style full revealed.

hairstyles for men

3.Fragmented hair oblique bangs

hairstyles for men

Fragmented hair oblique bangs hairstyle for men with large black-rimmed glasses can be said to be handsome extraordinary, This is suitable for students to trim, simple yet elegant fashion sense!


hairstyles for men

What are the most popular hairstyles for men?

Some of the most popular hairstyle for men are :

1.The Undercut
This hairstyle for men is new, clean and sleek. Super stylish for boys and very debonair on gentlemen.




2.The Fade
Forever a classic hairstyle for men. The fade is a favorite by men and boys alike. Easy to maintain, low maintenance and stylish.


This hairstyle for men, When it comes to this one you can get an edgy Mohawk or a little laid back type like the first one in the above picture.


4.Vertical Haircut
This can work on both long and short hairstyle for men .Its ideal for a square or round face.


5.The Side Part
Another clean, classic hairstyle for men. This look has been around for over 100 years and has been gaining popularity since the 1960’s. Young teens look up to older guys who wear this style and their appearance. A very dapper style indeed.