Getting beauty with human hair wigs you can learn from Emma Watson.

She is “Harry Potter” Hermione, Brown University, After her graduation, the actress was appointed as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joked that he hopes Watson uses her magic wand to end violence against women.. Not only committed to the feminist movement, especially in the fashion circle play freely. In particular, changes in hairstyles , will lead to a fever of human hair wigs popular. Recently she caused a sensation cause of her reappearance in London subway station.

Emma in real life is not static, but know how to use the hairstyles hold different occasions, different stages of life, we can also use them with our human hair wigs!

Ten years “Hermione”: blonde hair dynamic wave human hair wigs
She is beautiful since her childhood, blond curls collocation strewn full of youthful spirit, plus the iconic sweet smile, is really adorable!
From the first to the end of the article, “Hermione” are all signs of a big wave hairstyles. Emma grew up, the young face gradually faded, adorable flat bangs became capable of partial, revealed a faint smell of ripe.

Be yourself: sexy and boyfriend style human hair wigs
Emma once again lead the new trend, when she suddenly cut her long hair, young girls completed a small woman’s metamorphosis. “Cut the hair, it feels like a mature woman, ready to take the risk of life.” That day she change her hairstyles, she also opened a new life.

self-confidence mature: partial long human hair wigs
Since Emma cut her hair, not only on the major fashion cover, but also become the favourite of the street photographer. Dazzling entertainment, Emma is like a stream, into the University began to accumulate meditation knowledge, Boyfriend style also changed to tender longer hair.
Four years later, the 24 year old Emma graduated from the Brown University, a slim girl. Wearing a cap, long hair scattered randomly, bangs slightly modified forehead, exudes from the inside of the self-confidence.

Random variety Lob human hair wigs
Now, with a smooth and clean shoulder length lob, not only in fashion hairstyles, entertainment, and even in academic circles,Emma have become a all-powerful woman, live like a queen. Of course, it is difficult for the world to have second Emma Watson, but like the goddess from scratch to change, we can also do it with human hair wigs.

Struggling Between Human Hair Wigs And Synthetic Wigs ?

Love has no age limit, many people love to meet a variety of shapes, so it often perm Hair Coloring, hurt themselves also need to spend a lot of time to take care of, and the length of the hair can not be considered, choose a beautiful human hair wigs but the most appropriate, according to the clothing collocation, shape variety.

So, to buy a human hair wigs or synthetic wigs, designers need to choose according to your suggestion, realistic human hair wigs, high comfort, prices will be higher, the price of several hundred to several thousand dollars, a relatively low cost, the price is very cheap, generally tens to hundreds of dollars.

If it is in some special activities, you can choose synthetic wigs, wear a one-time, if you need advice every day to wear wigs, choose the best human hair wigs, because human hair wigs is lifelike and natural, close to their long hair, good care, breathable and comfortable service life long, generally 3 to 5 years, and synthetic wigs are cheap, but only a few months of life, a long time will hit the tail volume, it is not good to take care of, the effect is not as strong as human hair wigs as well, the material is very thick, the permeability is not good.

There are reports that the human hair wigs can be divided into a variety of hair wigs, this method is not the same as the price is not the same, the effect is also very different, can be divided into three types: wig mechanism, semi manual hand woven wig and in the same amount of wig woven half machine structure, hand woven the hair wig is the most expensive, from the bottom of the material, and the simulation process is to determine the hair wig value.

Therefore, we suggest that we must go to the store to see the real comparison, and then buy human hair wigs, choose according to their own circumstances, blindly online price comparison is not good, the effect is the most important choice. Professional designers can make very good results.

How to distinguish between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs.

How can we distinguish between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs.
1. Randomly selected one or two hairs, with a lighter to burn out, the fire will turn black hair ball, gently rub, into powder, smell a smell of burnt protein. Fiber fire will become a hard ball, rub open, and a nylon burnt taste.

2. The maximum temperature of 2 degrees -200 heat-resistant wire is 180, so you can choose a wisp of hair clip with the straight rod with volume or the maximum temperature of 220 degrees Celsius heat straightening or bending, burnt there is no burnt heat-resistant wire, the hair is human hair wig.

3. Human hair wig surface has a layer of cuticle, a bit like the scales of a fish, when touched down, very smooth, but in turn touch, the feeling is not very smooth, this is a very professional way to distinguish real wig.

How to maintain a human hair wig:

1. Regular cleaning to get rid of the feeling of greasy hair.
2. As far as possible to reduce the frequency of cleaning human hair wigs, it is best to wear 6 times to be cleaning. However, if it is already looking oil, it is best to reduce the number of wearing it.
3. Tie the hair straight before you wash it, comb gently rolled wig tipped tail, with brush to straight wig.

4. Pour warm water into the pot and pour some shampoo, put the wig in the water soak for 5 minutes, then gently squeeze out the excess water, and finally rinse clean in warm water.
5. After washing the wig back into the bowl, then pour a little shampoo in the hand, then gently rub the human hair wigs, do not over scrub, then rinse with clean water.
6. In the hand into the amount of hair conditioner, in accordance with the instructions, not too much, then wash their hair as like rub, then dry for 5 minutes, then rinse with water.

7. Use a towel to dry the wig, and then put on the wig stand natural air dry. If you need to use, can use the hair dryer, with low heat.
8. The last step, gently comb the human hair wigs after drying. Then can be used to roll or curling or straightening machine shape, then spray wig or minor styling other stereotypes.