Girls long wigs design to create your temperament.

The following for everyone to bring a few simple long wigs, fresh and elegant, easy to create the goddess fan temperament, like long hair sister can not miss.

1. Micro volume long wigs hanging down at random, Hair Coloring Brown collocation, romantic fashion, partial bangs also easily reach a face lift effect.

2. Fluffy curly long wigs design, and also partial bangs collocation, modified face thin, show charming temperament to.

3. Simple straight long wigs, collocation on light sweet air bangs, modified face, is very pure aesthetic.

4. Waves roll long wigs style, temperament collocation in bangs, sketched out a small face, revealing a fresh sweet temperament.

5. Micro volume long wigs design and partial bangs collocation, not only the modification of the face, also show a woman.

6. Girls long wigs design is very fresh, playful lanterns braid tall very cute girl, delicate skin more watery.

7. With lovely girl flat bangs long wigs, collocation temperament double ponytail curly hair and hair, with girls style Oh, the style is very seductive.


Long wigs daily maintenance knowledge: Do not use hand rub rub. Often wear hair sets, generally two or three months wash time is appropriate. Before washing, first comb the comb with a comb, and then dilute the solution to wash the hair conditioner comb. Cut can not be twisted with both hands, but also can not be false Foam Wash in the washing liquid. The application of hands gently along the direction of hair rinse above the foam, and then dry, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.


Carding action to light. Wigs in the use of the former should be sorted out, wearing a long wigs after a little comb can be. Comb the general use of the comb is relatively sparse comb, comb the comb to be used when the side of the comb method can not be combed straight, and the action should be light.