Only short hairstyles can be fashionable? These medium long hairstyles can make you beautiful too.

When we speak of hair, we always talking about short hair and long hair, but do not forget that there also have medium long hairstyles. Medium long hairstyles can be fashionable as short hair, and there are a lot of very good looking of medium long hairstyles beautiful than short hairstyles, so you can consider medium short hairstyles when you cutting your hair.

Recently, simple style hair is more popular, good-looking and easy to take care of, the medium long hairstyles also have simple styles, some is more beautiful than short hair or long hair, you can check if it’s suitable for you.

Style 1 of medium long hairstyles.
Fluffy bangs with the long hair on both sides of your cheek can modified face, the hair tail curled up, messy not only enhance the fashion sense, but also has the effect of face lift in the vision.

Style 2 of medium long hairstyles.
Super simple medium long hairstyle, but it looks beautiful, slightly oblique bangs buckle collocation can create good-looking face, hair tail trim level and micro volume, simple but stylish.

Style 3 of medium long hairstyles.
The pursuit of fashion personality woman can try irregular bangs, with the fluffy medium long curly hair, instantly turn into “Gigi Hadid”.