Change your hairstyle by wigs for women, you can also catch his heart.

A square face is a lot of girls hearts a big pain point, not only the face is feminine, but also super not photogenic, even if the body is still being called as thin as a paper, big face, really wanted to cut cheek bone mill. In fact, do not go cosmetic, Fang face sister as long as the election on the wigs for women, but also the same beauty.

The facial contour square face girls very solid, boxy, very hard, then you need the fluffy curls wigs for women, make it become soft, it looks more gentle.

This is the long wigs for women, air bangs collocation on both sides of the hair, has perfect effect repair your square face long curly hair scattered at random, romantic.

Partial bangs is absolutely modified square face, plus two silky hair, really thin face significantly, the tail slightly inside the buckle, brown hair color collocation wigs for women coloring, fashion and sweet.

A simple long wigs for women, partial bangs good cover facial defects, slightly in the hair at the end of perm, adds a sense of fashion, flaxen hair color is also very obvious color white.

This is a short wigs for women, buckle flat bangs lovely, collocation on both sides of the short hair, easily modified face, fluffy perm design a sense of air, is also very suitable for square face girl.