How can we wear a wig with comfortable and beautiful?

Wear wigs can be divided into two major steps: wear snood and wear hair sets。

The best way to wear snood:
No matter the length of your hair, do not tie them up, the hair will be directly set into the neck, and then pull up the side of the net release of the mouth to pull up all the hair into the package, and then use your hand to rub them Uniform. This method is really easy to use,when you rub the hair uniform, they will be round like a ball, there will be no lump from the bag where it will not affect the wigs wearing effect.

Step 2: Wear the hair sets:
If you put on the snood correct,the hair sets’ wear should be easy. Most of the way of wear the wigs you found online can be used, but without experience, it may be make you feel strange, or uncomfortable and not beautiful enough. Here to introduce a way to adjust the wig’s wearing.

It’s very practical: When you put the hair sets on your head,try to touch the wigs temples lining, where There are two small pieces of the protruding lining with radian, pull on the two lining at the same time, adjusted them to a symmetrical position.

To summarize the steps of wear wigs:
1. Make the snood open,set into the neck.
2. Hands hold the end of the snood up, cover the hair.Be careful not to let the real hair out.
3. Raise the tail of the snood,make the real hair completely wrapped into it,rub the hair uniform, closing position with a hairpin fixed to sure the snood not to fall.
4. Adjust the wig temples lining,pull on them to the symmetrical position.
5. Comb your hair, adjust to the appropriate location, to ensure that the wear position is accurate and symmetrical.