How to maintain the cosplay wigs – Wig tips by wigs for women.

Cosplay wigs wear for long time, must be cleaned, today wigs for women teach you how to do.

1. Before washing cosplay wigs, must take the wig hair comb smooth (open up gradually from the tail comb, otherwise it may damage the hair).

2. The wig hat in turn, take proper amount of moisturizing shampoo into the warm water (20 degrees Celsius) mixing evenly, put the cosplay wigs in water for 5 minutes and gently rub clean, rinse with water.

3. Take the appropriate conditioner into the warm water to stir evenly, and then soak the cosplay wigs in water for 10 minutes after rinsing with water.

4. With a towel gently drops of water, or water gently shake the natural cosplay wigs combed backward, placed in ventilated place to dry naturally.

5. Make cosplay wigs completely dry after finish the cleaning.

TIPS: different wigs for women materials have different considerations, chemical fiber silk hair can’t be washed in hot water, with a hair dryer or other tool setting, don’t place in direct sunlight exposure; cosplay wigs dryer available slightly stereotypes, available net net hair, in order to increase the sense of fluffy (long hair) of; fibrils and real hair mixed available detergent instead of cleaning shampoo.

Teach you the right way to collect the cosplay wigs
Many people wear wigs for women but do not know how to collect, put in the wardrobe, a long time will become irritable, put in the bag for a long time on the deformation, buy a dummy head price is too expensive, how to do? Here to teach you a good way, as long as a few dollars will be able to get.

1. Can buy sports goods to buy a smooth rubber ball, probably about the size of his head on the line.
2. And then find a three plywood or board, the two glue together with the glue, when the cosplay wigs does not wear as long as the homemade model on a set, both convenient and simple.
3. If you want to make your model more perfect, you can DIY hand-painted cute features, what expression can be, the self-made model dress up, will add a lot of fun.