Basic knowledge about cosplay wigs.

As a Coser we all have a few wigs, some cosplay wigs have a common problem that is often not if, after a period of time will be rough and dull, and then you can only still trash, but unlike a wig and a roll of toilet paper so cheap that is some waste. What method can let the permanent shape our shiny, wigs for women as the real hair? Here to teach you a few strokes, so that we become experts in protect wigs!

Choose a good quality cosplay wigs
The face of the market a superb collection of beautiful things hair products, quality is uneven, some hair in the head with a glance will be seen to be false. The feeling is very embarrassing when you look at your shape in public. Learn to choose a top quality wigs for women!
Currently on the market can be divided into two categories: chemical fiber wig, human hair, chemical fiber and mixed real hair three.
1 common is chemical fiber silk, the price is cheap, to compare the effect of “false”, unless you are playing Cosplay games, or T model during the real life, wear this cosplay wigs texture is not suitable to go shopping.
2 television drama with human hair, expensive.
3 chemical fiber and human hair mixed kind is most suitable for use in life wigs for women, can achieve the effect of real ones, the price of 200 yuan or more.

The first consideration: mesh material cosplay wigs
In the choice of wigs for women, we must first look at the net material comfort and permeability, it is best to wear a try itching and irritation. Then pull the wig inside the elastic band, don’t choose too loose. Because wearing a wig after some time to loose some, but not too tight, if the conditions are best customized.

Second: fire, blowing cosplay wigs quality discrimination
Then look at the wigs for women texture, generally not good quality hair wig, with the fire that emits unpleasant smell, there is a method is to open the hair dryer to strong thermal profile, the air will in the wig 3~5 seconds (time not too long, in order to avoid the net expected, if it is really bad) people will not something, if other materials will be exposed, an unpleasant smell.

Third: choose the right color cosplay wigs
Wearing the wig to coordinate with the skin color, in their own hair, should try to choose the same color with their hair or close to the color, in the hair less or when their hair should be selected according to color. Skin white and brown yellow, light brown should choose black wig; should choose black, brown and black wig; color yellow should choose maroon, dark brown wig; the masquerade party and other activities should be selected and coordinated according to the color and light makeup wigs for women, such as wine red, yellow, orange, red and purple.

Change your hairstyle by wigs for women, you can also catch his heart.

A square face is a lot of girls hearts a big pain point, not only the face is feminine, but also super not photogenic, even if the body is still being called as thin as a paper, big face, really wanted to cut cheek bone mill. In fact, do not go cosmetic, Fang face sister as long as the election on the wigs for women, but also the same beauty.

The facial contour square face girls very solid, boxy, very hard, then you need the fluffy curls wigs for women, make it become soft, it looks more gentle.

This is the long wigs for women, air bangs collocation on both sides of the hair, has perfect effect repair your square face long curly hair scattered at random, romantic.

Partial bangs is absolutely modified square face, plus two silky hair, really thin face significantly, the tail slightly inside the buckle, brown hair color collocation wigs for women coloring, fashion and sweet.

A simple long wigs for women, partial bangs good cover facial defects, slightly in the hair at the end of perm, adds a sense of fashion, flaxen hair color is also very obvious color white.

This is a short wigs for women, buckle flat bangs lovely, collocation on both sides of the short hair, easily modified face, fluffy perm design a sense of air, is also very suitable for square face girl.

2017 spring fashion wigs for women, off-center part hair pieces make you pretty.

Style 1
Sweet style is never out-of-date, this long curly wigs for women is very suitable for sweet girls, off-center part hair pieces, Romantic curly hair with gray color, very attractive line of sight.

Style 2
The long curly wigs for women shows again, the wavy flat bangs looks cute, long curly golden brown hair color collocation, let the girl look fashionable and lovely.

Style 3
Simple middle long wigs for women, brown hair color looks charming, hair fluffy and messy, great personality, and off-center part hair pieces flatters your face shape, is a very modern hairstyle.

Style 4
The broken fringe is light and natural, modification effect is very obvious, long wigs for women fluffy perm layering, very charming, popular grandma grey hair color mix Hair Coloring highlights, full of personality.

Style 8
Short wigs for women also looks so cool, off-center part hair pieces perfect repair your face, fluffy hair very sense of design, very suitable to take a neutral style girl.

Fashion wigs for women always suitable for you.

Recommend several stylish perm wigs for women for girls, simple fashion, temperament modified face, there is always a suitable for you.

A sweet temperament shoulder perm wigs for women, collocation light bangs, modified face and tender. Hair Coloring dark brown with white skin, fresh fashion.

A dark long hair perm wigs for women, simple fashion, easy to improve temperament, in the fringe repair a delicate face, very good-looking.

Micro shoulder roll design, and partial bangs collocation, simple thin, very temperament, black wigs for women is gentle atmosphere.

Micro volume long hair design and partial bangs collocation, modified face, all-match temperament, this wigs for women is simple and natural.

Simple and long curly wigs for women, collocation temperament in bangs, outline the delicate face, very feminine, dark hair is fashionable and generous.

Learn the beautiful wig types which are suit you.

Human hair wigs
If You are wondering, which wigs are the most natural looking and which wigs last longer, the answer is – natural human hair wigs.
Natural wigs are made of natural human hair of young women’s who have never dyed or chemically processed their hair, then carefully selected and sorted. Hair undergoes a complicated process, including disinfection, nourishing masks, balms, dyeing and perming.
The highest quality hair is Remy hair – hair roots are not mixed with hair ends, hair growth direction is seen. This wig types look very natural, hair does not tangle, wig’s care is simple.

Mixed hair wigs
This wig types are made partly of human hair and partly of synthetic hair. The look of a wig is close to natural hair, it quite well keep hairstyle. The price of such wigs are average.

Synthetic hair wigs
Modern synthetic hair wigs are not visually different from their natural counterparts. Basically, the difference between these products lies in their everyday use. Synthetic hair wig types are designed for those who want to save time – these products retain their look in all weather conditions, and even after washing. If the client prefers curls, sticking locks or large volumes and etc. then he/she should definitely opt for a synthetic hair wig.

How to distinguish between human and synthetic hair wig types?
The most reliable way of distinguishing between human and synthetic hair products is to smell them. You should select a single hair out of the hairpiece or a wig and burn it with fire. The human hair will immediately catch fire and smell naturally, whereas the artificial one will just melt emitting a strong synthetic smell.

How to choose vogue wigs for yourself.

For a woman, never tried the vogue wigs of life is not complete, such a good looking bob wigs you must try, short hair can be grow, do not make yourself regret.

Afraid short hair doesn’t look feminine? choose S type of vogue wigs, haven’t to worry about this problem! Don’t be too short, cut to the middle of the neck, the length is the best. All the hair is hot into a large S shape, easy to take care of.

An angled bob haircut is a woman’s style that is longer in the front of the
face and gradually gets shorter as it reaches the back of the neck. Since the vogue wigs is shorter in the back, there is more volume and movement with longer, face-framing layers in the front. The angled bob haircut goes in and out of fashion every few years, but it is largely considered a classic hairstyle that can be pulled off on a variety of hair textures.

Lob vogue wigs continues the bob’s fluffy feeling, and has the modern popular. Is such a fashionable wigstyle people have to follow the long wave compared with the previous, this shoulder-length hair is really cute and charming and gentle. And this length even if want to stay up is more easily.

Only short hairstyles can be fashionable? These medium long hairstyles can make you beautiful too.

When we speak of hair, we always talking about short hair and long hair, but do not forget that there also have medium long hairstyles. Medium long hairstyles can be fashionable as short hair, and there are a lot of very good looking of medium long hairstyles beautiful than short hairstyles, so you can consider medium short hairstyles when you cutting your hair.

Recently, simple style hair is more popular, good-looking and easy to take care of, the medium long hairstyles also have simple styles, some is more beautiful than short hair or long hair, you can check if it’s suitable for you.

Style 1 of medium long hairstyles.
Fluffy bangs with the long hair on both sides of your cheek can modified face, the hair tail curled up, messy not only enhance the fashion sense, but also has the effect of face lift in the vision.

Style 2 of medium long hairstyles.
Super simple medium long hairstyle, but it looks beautiful, slightly oblique bangs buckle collocation can create good-looking face, hair tail trim level and micro volume, simple but stylish.

Style 3 of medium long hairstyles.
The pursuit of fashion personality woman can try irregular bangs, with the fluffy medium long curly hair, instantly turn into “Gigi Hadid”.

Getting beauty with human hair wigs you can learn from Emma Watson.

She is “Harry Potter” Hermione, Brown University, After her graduation, the actress was appointed as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joked that he hopes Watson uses her magic wand to end violence against women.. Not only committed to the feminist movement, especially in the fashion circle play freely. In particular, changes in hairstyles , will lead to a fever of human hair wigs popular. Recently she caused a sensation cause of her reappearance in London subway station.

Emma in real life is not static, but know how to use the hairstyles hold different occasions, different stages of life, we can also use them with our human hair wigs!

Ten years “Hermione”: blonde hair dynamic wave human hair wigs
She is beautiful since her childhood, blond curls collocation strewn full of youthful spirit, plus the iconic sweet smile, is really adorable!
From the first to the end of the article, “Hermione” are all signs of a big wave hairstyles. Emma grew up, the young face gradually faded, adorable flat bangs became capable of partial, revealed a faint smell of ripe.

Be yourself: sexy and boyfriend style human hair wigs
Emma once again lead the new trend, when she suddenly cut her long hair, young girls completed a small woman’s metamorphosis. “Cut the hair, it feels like a mature woman, ready to take the risk of life.” That day she change her hairstyles, she also opened a new life.

self-confidence mature: partial long human hair wigs
Since Emma cut her hair, not only on the major fashion cover, but also become the favourite of the street photographer. Dazzling entertainment, Emma is like a stream, into the University began to accumulate meditation knowledge, Boyfriend style also changed to tender longer hair.
Four years later, the 24 year old Emma graduated from the Brown University, a slim girl. Wearing a cap, long hair scattered randomly, bangs slightly modified forehead, exudes from the inside of the self-confidence.

Random variety Lob human hair wigs
Now, with a smooth and clean shoulder length lob, not only in fashion hairstyles, entertainment, and even in academic circles,Emma have become a all-powerful woman, live like a queen. Of course, it is difficult for the world to have second Emma Watson, but like the goddess from scratch to change, we can also do it with human hair wigs.

5 kinds of wigs for women will makes you more attractive.

Choosing a wigs for women who is wearing a wig is very important, because it is good to see the wig, if not suitable for their own face will not have the desired effect. Therefore, the first task is to understand their own face, and then choose the right wig.

1.Long face: should avoid long straight hair or cropped hair. If the perm should be cut flat bang wigs for women, perm agglomerate or curl. Or horse tail. In short, should be through the hair to make a long face look wider.

2.Square face: do not choose to grow to the square of the chin round straight wigs for women. Can be used to shoulder or long curly hair, make it natural fluffydown, so can cover up the shortcomings.

3.Round face: do not use the bangs to cover up all the forehead, you can use 37 boundaries hair, at least exposed part of the forehead, or cut more foreign ship straight hair, and hair the top part as the emphasis so as to make the face look slender.
Coconut round face: you can choose some more curved bangs, overall wavy wigs for women, use smooth lines to foil on forehead, will make the whole face looked lively and streamlined.

4.Oval face: avoid left forehead bangs, more suitable for the best choice of long wigs for women, fluffy curly hair with the cheeks of the widest part of the cover up, so that the overall feeling will be very un-harmonious.

5.Narrow forehead. You can use the bangs wigs for women, as long as you do not see the forehead, it does not matter in width. Avoid revealing his forehead.

Struggling Between Human Hair Wigs And Synthetic Wigs ?

Love has no age limit, many people love to meet a variety of shapes, so it often perm Hair Coloring, hurt themselves also need to spend a lot of time to take care of, and the length of the hair can not be considered, choose a beautiful human hair wigs but the most appropriate, according to the clothing collocation, shape variety.

So, to buy a human hair wigs or synthetic wigs, designers need to choose according to your suggestion, realistic human hair wigs, high comfort, prices will be higher, the price of several hundred to several thousand dollars, a relatively low cost, the price is very cheap, generally tens to hundreds of dollars.

If it is in some special activities, you can choose synthetic wigs, wear a one-time, if you need advice every day to wear wigs, choose the best human hair wigs, because human hair wigs is lifelike and natural, close to their long hair, good care, breathable and comfortable service life long, generally 3 to 5 years, and synthetic wigs are cheap, but only a few months of life, a long time will hit the tail volume, it is not good to take care of, the effect is not as strong as human hair wigs as well, the material is very thick, the permeability is not good.

There are reports that the human hair wigs can be divided into a variety of hair wigs, this method is not the same as the price is not the same, the effect is also very different, can be divided into three types: wig mechanism, semi manual hand woven wig and in the same amount of wig woven half machine structure, hand woven the hair wig is the most expensive, from the bottom of the material, and the simulation process is to determine the hair wig value.

Therefore, we suggest that we must go to the store to see the real comparison, and then buy human hair wigs, choose according to their own circumstances, blindly online price comparison is not good, the effect is the most important choice. Professional designers can make very good results.