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Short wigs
style diverse variety, but now the woman have their own ideas, not necessarily know complex personality is beautiful, simple and fresh hair and beauty can be super super good, but the daily care is more simple and convenient, let’s look at these beautiful hair.

A concise but the mushroom short wigs, short hair black mushroom head is the most classic style, flat bangs beautifully lines comb in exquisite makeup, mediocre eyes will mature and quiet simplicity generous buzzcut the charm of the perfect fusion together.

With the momentum of the avant-garde personality, VS also can easily grasp the hair, the hair will be on both sides of the cut short, short wigs style perm with center, messy sense lines bangs face more stereo, white coat collocation show queen fan.

Thin oblique bangs collocation level short, simple. Just cut through different gradients, so that the shape looks more fluffy sense of hierarchy, hair volume to the end of the model to increase the charm of personality. This short wigs style is not only popular now, the new year does not look like out.

Oblique bangs wave head micro hot design makes the other variable fluffy, not only increase the fashion degree, but also in the visual face. Short wigs wave head design coupled with brown hair so that her sister’s skin to mention a few degrees, so that the sister to change the perfect.

In the first wave modeling by using inner buckle withholding tail and oblique bangs modified face with, let the girl have instant face. And this is the first wave of short wigs is the first attempt to try the short haired sister, relatively simple will not be too exaggerated, and not so difficult to control.

Asymmetric oblique bangs modified face, but also to increase the mystery of the younger sister, appears to be more charismatic, above the first layer of short wigs perm and then slightly changed to add fashion personality.

Deep brown short wigs design allows more atmosphere, red lips look super collocation Charm. If the lip makeup powder collocation will become very fresh. So how could the other woman all-match not love?