Snowlight wigs for women – fashion than grandma’s gray hair.

Many girls will choose their hair color according to the seasons, warm, bright colors add warmth to the winter and summer to make them look more bright colors, star, bloggers, fashion people recently pop up a new wigs for women hair color, called snowlight.

Gray, does not seem to be a dazzling color, but in 2015 this hair color is popular in the world, fashion trend, star or people with tight trend with the wigs for women color, it is “grandma gray”

Grandma grey wigs for women color is so popular, in fact, it may not be suitable for all of the Asians! Professional hair dye division pointed out that gray is difficult to dye in the natural deep brown and black hair, and Asians hair color is black and dark brown. Black and dark brown after bleaching will still leave the yellow tone, the yellow tone will directly affect the purity of grey. What should you do? May choose more fashionable than grandma grey hair color “Snowlight”!

This Snowlight is located between grandma gray and gold, is a different level of wigs for women color. His inner layer has a layer of dark, the outside is a layer of light gold, rich sense of hierarchy, in a different light to reflect a different feeling. Bright lighting, looks more shining. Different light reflects different feelings.

In addition to the primer brown grey layer in the bottom, do also do not have the same effect. This is also the bottom of the gray Snowlight wigs for women.

Snowlight street, western style wigs for women color, you want to try?

Korean wigs selection, no longer worried about the risk of Coloring Hair.

Now many ladies love coloring hair polishing hair temperament in the original hairstyle, but go to the barber shop when looking at the book full of Hair Coloring card, and now do not know for what color to dye some bold hair color dye is not good and fear. This bold idea today to recommend several Korean wigs series, round you a Hair Coloring dream.

Intoxicating red wine.
The amount of heavy red wine coloring hair flat bangs, big wavy. With many of today’s South Korean wigs, simple dress collocation, easily create street style.

Conspicuous golden brown.
Golden brown is a relatively bright hair coloring, it is easy to identify in the crowd, so if you like this hair color but not sure the ladies can try this golden brown long Korean wigs.

Safety Brown.
Brown hair coloring is a lot of people like the choice, first, because it is safe enough, close to black, natural and charming Korean wigs.

Charming Pink.
Pink hair coloring is a kind of feeling that makes you feel very dreamy. This pink long Korean wigs, very suitable for lovely naughty style girls.

Personality yellow.
This hair coloring appears in the Korean star in the frequency is very high, love Korean style girls can try Alice bangs long yellow Korean wigs.

Tender linen.
Flat bangs with straight Korean wigs and linen hair coloring makes people look very gentle and close.

Gray dyeing
The light gray dyeing hair coloring wheat hot, thick and fluffy Korean wigs with sexy and fashion.