The most fashion perm hair wigs for women of 2017 is here.

Although it has not been introduced perm hair for a long time, but the perm is still very popular shape, different perm gives people the feeling is completely different, the following presentation of these wigs for women are now getting beautiful.

Style 1
The eyebrow and oblique bangs collocation in long perm hair repair face effect super good, simple messy curls not only improve temperament, but also very different personality charm, daily wigs for women can have different feeling.

Style 2
46 long bangs perm hair modified face and let other look more chic, and the wigs for women tail level trim plus perm looks more unique, give people the feeling of super gas field.

Style 3
19 big bangs collocation perm hair enhance sweet beauty, let other asymmetrical design more chic, let the girl looks beautiful. But also through the beautiful wigs for women color to make skin brighter.

Style 4
Side wigs for women long perm hair makes more fluffy through other add gas field, but also in the visual face, let you easily become the focus of attention.

Style 5
Long wigs for women tail trim multi gradient plus level perm hair to create their own unique charm, then straight oblique bangs and sideburns perfect face.

Style 6
Through the eyes and wigs for women with bangs and on both sides of a nice modified face, but also add a sense of mystery, and the design of irregular shape to perm hair more personality.

Style 7
Flat bangs in the buckle with long wigs for women modified face, hair slightly longer hair styling design to increase the charm of personality but also enhance the sweet. Although the perm hair is not obvious, but relatively simple to take care of some.

So many good perm hair for you, you can try them when you want to find your new wigs for women.


Snowlight wigs for women – fashion than grandma’s gray hair.

Many girls will choose their hair color according to the seasons, warm, bright colors add warmth to the winter and summer to make them look more bright colors, star, bloggers, fashion people recently pop up a new wigs for women hair color, called snowlight.

Gray, does not seem to be a dazzling color, but in 2015 this hair color is popular in the world, fashion trend, star or people with tight trend with the wigs for women color, it is “grandma gray”

Grandma grey wigs for women color is so popular, in fact, it may not be suitable for all of the Asians! Professional hair dye division pointed out that gray is difficult to dye in the natural deep brown and black hair, and Asians hair color is black and dark brown. Black and dark brown after bleaching will still leave the yellow tone, the yellow tone will directly affect the purity of grey. What should you do? May choose more fashionable than grandma grey hair color “Snowlight”!

This Snowlight is located between grandma gray and gold, is a different level of wigs for women color. His inner layer has a layer of dark, the outside is a layer of light gold, rich sense of hierarchy, in a different light to reflect a different feeling. Bright lighting, looks more shining. Different light reflects different feelings.

In addition to the primer brown grey layer in the bottom, do also do not have the same effect. This is also the bottom of the gray Snowlight wigs for women.

Snowlight street, western style wigs for women color, you want to try?

Korean wigs selection, no longer worried about the risk of Coloring Hair.

Now many ladies love coloring hair polishing hair temperament in the original hairstyle, but go to the barber shop when looking at the book full of Hair Coloring card, and now do not know for what color to dye some bold hair color dye is not good and fear. This bold idea today to recommend several Korean wigs series, round you a Hair Coloring dream.

Intoxicating red wine.
The amount of heavy red wine coloring hair flat bangs, big wavy. With many of today’s South Korean wigs, simple dress collocation, easily create street style.

Conspicuous golden brown.
Golden brown is a relatively bright hair coloring, it is easy to identify in the crowd, so if you like this hair color but not sure the ladies can try this golden brown long Korean wigs.

Safety Brown.
Brown hair coloring is a lot of people like the choice, first, because it is safe enough, close to black, natural and charming Korean wigs.

Charming Pink.
Pink hair coloring is a kind of feeling that makes you feel very dreamy. This pink long Korean wigs, very suitable for lovely naughty style girls.

Personality yellow.
This hair coloring appears in the Korean star in the frequency is very high, love Korean style girls can try Alice bangs long yellow Korean wigs.

Tender linen.
Flat bangs with straight Korean wigs and linen hair coloring makes people look very gentle and close.

Gray dyeing
The light gray dyeing hair coloring wheat hot, thick and fluffy Korean wigs with sexy and fashion.

What kind of wigs for women in fashion this year? It must be a angled bob.

If someone asked: what wigs for women is in fashion this year! It would have to wave hair this year will certainly be popular, do not believe you can have a look at these beautiful angled bob, see will know why this year will pop the head wave.

That wigs for women will pop this year, maybe some woman do not believe, but good shape will certainly be popular, don’t follow to see these pretty angled bob hairstyle pictures, look at these popular hair style this year.

Style 1
Side design wigs for women can not only repair face thin, also let the other asymmetrical beauty, and angled bob buckle add sweet beauty, looks simple and stylish temperament, only simple collocation makeup beautiful, daily work is no problem, even if the party is also OK dress collocation.

Style 2
The length of oblique bangs to the wigs for women of the eye can be modified forehead, while highlighting the beautiful eyes, the collocation inner buckle angled bob clean, good dress collocation can be easily hold live class work dating etc..

Style 3
No bangs straight buckle wave head shape, inner buckle angled bob with a different feel more fluffy, wigs for women trimmed slightly gradient would look more energetic.

Style 4
19 points on both sides of the short oblique bangs collocation modified face, but also highlight the woman with bright eyes. The tail angled bob design makes the hair full, and let the other look more chic, and deep linen wigs for women Coloring can make the skin look more white.

Style 5
Angled bob hairstyle is a long version of the wave head, this year will still be very popular. This wigs for women, hair tail wet hair Alice design, looks full of personality, like the sister can try.

Struggling Between Human Hair Wigs And Synthetic Wigs ?

Love has no age limit, many people love to meet a variety of shapes, so it often perm Hair Coloring, hurt themselves also need to spend a lot of time to take care of, and the length of the hair can not be considered, choose a beautiful human hair wigs but the most appropriate, according to the clothing collocation, shape variety.

So, to buy a human hair wigs or synthetic wigs, designers need to choose according to your suggestion, realistic human hair wigs, high comfort, prices will be higher, the price of several hundred to several thousand dollars, a relatively low cost, the price is very cheap, generally tens to hundreds of dollars.

If it is in some special activities, you can choose synthetic wigs, wear a one-time, if you need advice every day to wear wigs, choose the best human hair wigs, because human hair wigs is lifelike and natural, close to their long hair, good care, breathable and comfortable service life long, generally 3 to 5 years, and synthetic wigs are cheap, but only a few months of life, a long time will hit the tail volume, it is not good to take care of, the effect is not as strong as human hair wigs as well, the material is very thick, the permeability is not good.

There are reports that the human hair wigs can be divided into a variety of hair wigs, this method is not the same as the price is not the same, the effect is also very different, can be divided into three types: wig mechanism, semi manual hand woven wig and in the same amount of wig woven half machine structure, hand woven the hair wig is the most expensive, from the bottom of the material, and the simulation process is to determine the hair wig value.

Therefore, we suggest that we must go to the store to see the real comparison, and then buy human hair wigs, choose according to their own circumstances, blindly online price comparison is not good, the effect is the most important choice. Professional designers can make very good results.

How can we wear a wig with comfortable and beautiful?

Wear wigs can be divided into two major steps: wear snood and wear hair sets。

The best way to wear snood:
No matter the length of your hair, do not tie them up, the hair will be directly set into the neck, and then pull up the side of the net release of the mouth to pull up all the hair into the package, and then use your hand to rub them Uniform. This method is really easy to use,when you rub the hair uniform, they will be round like a ball, there will be no lump from the bag where it will not affect the wigs wearing effect.

Step 2: Wear the hair sets:
If you put on the snood correct,the hair sets’ wear should be easy. Most of the way of wear the wigs you found online can be used, but without experience, it may be make you feel strange, or uncomfortable and not beautiful enough. Here to introduce a way to adjust the wig’s wearing.

It’s very practical: When you put the hair sets on your head,try to touch the wigs temples lining, where There are two small pieces of the protruding lining with radian, pull on the two lining at the same time, adjusted them to a symmetrical position.

To summarize the steps of wear wigs:
1. Make the snood open,set into the neck.
2. Hands hold the end of the snood up, cover the hair.Be careful not to let the real hair out.
3. Raise the tail of the snood,make the real hair completely wrapped into it,rub the hair uniform, closing position with a hairpin fixed to sure the snood not to fall.
4. Adjust the wig temples lining,pull on them to the symmetrical position.
5. Comb your hair, adjust to the appropriate location, to ensure that the wear position is accurate and symmetrical.

Just one minute, Change your hairstyle, Start from wearing wigs.

Why do we buy wigs?

First,save money! Although a good wig is very expensive, but compared with doing a hair at the barber sho,wigs are more affordable.
Second,Protect your real hair, protect your health! Every time hot dye, hair have different degrees of damage; often dye or perm will lead to scalp cancer and other cancers.

1.Large wave curls
Girls can also collocation the flat bangs with this wave curls wigs,flat bangs makes you look tender and soft.

Make your wigs length control in higher than your shoulder 5cm, you can instantly make your whole autumn and winter look so fashion.

3.Handsome short hair
Who says short hair is the man’s patent? Short hair girls can also be sexy and cute.Wigs make a chance for the girls who want to try short hairs but don’t want to cut the long hair.

4.wigs with colors
Grandma gray is still 2016 autumn and winter fashion hair color.Not only grandma gray is popular, you can also choose a beautiful green or silvery white.If you Want to look sweet and lovely can choose the wigs of berry, or lovely pink peach.

How to take care of curly wigs for women can make yourself more beautiful.

Curly wigs for women always give people a sense of old-fashioned and dust, so even girls like curly hair but they do not dare to try though.But if we take care it in the right way,they’ll not only no old-fashioned and dust, but more soft and feminine!

If it is black wigs for women to start the hair styling, be sure to avoid the volume of the roll out too much, that would give people a heavy feeling of hair. A ripple large curly hair is very fresh and beautiful, and then leave a ray of fine curls in the ears, with crystal bright earrings with together, super sweet and beauty!

Air bangs wigs for women, highlight the lovely temperament, looks gentle and well-behaved.

Partial gorgeous curly wigs for women is gorgeous and charming, coupled with the lips is simply lore.

With fashionable dress,hair volume and curvature can not be very small, so not only to highlight the classical atmosphere is also very fashionable, best with the 37 points wigs for women, classic and charming.

Lob wigs for women in this year will still be the mainstream, but we can try to give the original Lob head a little transformation, such as hot a little degree, the degree of fashion will be greatly enhanced.

How to transform your look with wigs for women.

There are a number of popular options to experiment with these days, such as changing your hair colour or cutting your hair into a different style or length.However, a drastic transformation can be intimidating for most which is why more and more people are opting for less permanent solutions such as human hair wigs for women, weaves or temporary hair dyes.

Lace front wigs for women of all kinds, colours and lengths are fast gaining popularity.

From braids to curls… a hair change is possible without having to spend hours at the hairdresser or compromising your hairline.Lace front wigs for women have several benefits over traditional weaves and braiding techniques.

The greatest benefit comes from the cap design “lace” base of the wigs for women, which is designed to make it appear as though the hair is growing directly from your scalp.

This innovative design means no more blending issues, no more covering tracks, and best of all, the versatility of being able to wear your hair in any style you can imagine.Styles that are impossible with traditional weaving methods such as high ponytails, corn rows, and twists can be achieved with a whole lace wigs for women.

Also, because all of your own hair is tucked safely away beneath the wigs for women, it is possible to maintain healthy hair care and growth for your own hair, avoiding heating utensils and the wear and tear of daily styling – all while maintaining a fabulous, natural look.

If chemo is taking your hair, wigs for women can help.

When women started losing her hair during chemotherapy, we recommend wigs for women to cancer patients through the American Cancer Society.

In the growing world economy today, more and more people in their lives to ignore their health status, the incidence of cancer is also getting higher and higher, Women’s uterine cancer and breast cancer is also increasing.

And when we received cancer treatment, such as hair loss and other body-borne How can the changes be improved? Maybe you should consider the wigs for women to prove your appearance.


A beautiful blonde. A fiery redhead. A curly brunette … hair identifies and helps to define people. Losing hair to cancer can feel like a loss of identity, wigs for women can helping someone in need!