Girls long wigs design to create your temperament.

The following for everyone to bring a few simple long wigs, fresh and elegant, easy to create the goddess fan temperament, like long hair sister can not miss.

1. Micro volume long wigs hanging down at random, Hair Coloring Brown collocation, romantic fashion, partial bangs also easily reach a face lift effect.

2. Fluffy curly long wigs design, and also partial bangs collocation, modified face thin, show charming temperament to.

3. Simple straight long wigs, collocation on light sweet air bangs, modified face, is very pure aesthetic.

4. Waves roll long wigs style, temperament collocation in bangs, sketched out a small face, revealing a fresh sweet temperament.

5. Micro volume long wigs design and partial bangs collocation, not only the modification of the face, also show a woman.

6. Girls long wigs design is very fresh, playful lanterns braid tall very cute girl, delicate skin more watery.

7. With lovely girl flat bangs long wigs, collocation temperament double ponytail curly hair and hair, with girls style Oh, the style is very seductive.


Long wigs daily maintenance knowledge: Do not use hand rub rub. Often wear hair sets, generally two or three months wash time is appropriate. Before washing, first comb the comb with a comb, and then dilute the solution to wash the hair conditioner comb. Cut can not be twisted with both hands, but also can not be false Foam Wash in the washing liquid. The application of hands gently along the direction of hair rinse above the foam, and then dry, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.


Carding action to light. Wigs in the use of the former should be sorted out, wearing a long wigs after a little comb can be. Comb the general use of the comb is relatively sparse comb, comb the comb to be used when the side of the comb method can not be combed straight, and the action should be light.

Snowlight wigs for women – fashion than grandma’s gray hair.

Many girls will choose their hair color according to the seasons, warm, bright colors add warmth to the winter and summer to make them look more bright colors, star, bloggers, fashion people recently pop up a new wigs for women hair color, called snowlight.

Gray, does not seem to be a dazzling color, but in 2015 this hair color is popular in the world, fashion trend, star or people with tight trend with the wigs for women color, it is “grandma gray”

Grandma grey wigs for women color is so popular, in fact, it may not be suitable for all of the Asians! Professional hair dye division pointed out that gray is difficult to dye in the natural deep brown and black hair, and Asians hair color is black and dark brown. Black and dark brown after bleaching will still leave the yellow tone, the yellow tone will directly affect the purity of grey. What should you do? May choose more fashionable than grandma grey hair color “Snowlight”!

This Snowlight is located between grandma gray and gold, is a different level of wigs for women color. His inner layer has a layer of dark, the outside is a layer of light gold, rich sense of hierarchy, in a different light to reflect a different feeling. Bright lighting, looks more shining. Different light reflects different feelings.

In addition to the primer brown grey layer in the bottom, do also do not have the same effect. This is also the bottom of the gray Snowlight wigs for women.

Snowlight street, western style wigs for women color, you want to try?

Just one minute, Change your hairstyle, Start from wearing wigs.

Why do we buy wigs?

First,save money! Although a good wig is very expensive, but compared with doing a hair at the barber sho,wigs are more affordable.
Second,Protect your real hair, protect your health! Every time hot dye, hair have different degrees of damage; often dye or perm will lead to scalp cancer and other cancers.

1.Large wave curls
Girls can also collocation the flat bangs with this wave curls wigs,flat bangs makes you look tender and soft.

Make your wigs length control in higher than your shoulder 5cm, you can instantly make your whole autumn and winter look so fashion.

3.Handsome short hair
Who says short hair is the man’s patent? Short hair girls can also be sexy and cute.Wigs make a chance for the girls who want to try short hairs but don’t want to cut the long hair.

4.wigs with colors
Grandma gray is still 2016 autumn and winter fashion hair color.Not only grandma gray is popular, you can also choose a beautiful green or silvery white.If you Want to look sweet and lovely can choose the wigs of berry, or lovely pink peach.

Are you still the old hairstyle?Try this new fashion hairstyles for women.

The weather is getting colder and colder, guess you must not bear to cut short hair, afraid of cold. But a mess of no hairstyles for women, really affect your appearance.Why does the other girls can be goddess? Because they are very concerned about their appearance, brave to try new things.

Do you feel difficult to catch the most popular hairstyles for women and hair color? Do not know what new tricks can be on your head?Why not try the undercut!

Undercut refers to the hair from the bottom to copy up. Now the most tide of creativity is to use this area, to create a variety of tricks. When you tie up the hair when the pattern of this area will be exposed, the effect is like a tattoo, especially eye-catching. In some occasion have to keep low key, this hairstyles for women can not reveal any clues.

There are many girls will choose this lotus-like pattern, very delicate, full of exotic.

Some simple geometric lines, looks very good.

And some more personalized, will “pattern” some asymmetric or irregular pattern for this hairstyles for women.

Or you can also put it in the side, a larger area, the effect is more out of personality.

Even some people use sequins to decorate.

Have you ever wanted to try this hairstyle for women?


How to take care of curly wigs for women can make yourself more beautiful.

Curly wigs for women always give people a sense of old-fashioned and dust, so even girls like curly hair but they do not dare to try though.But if we take care it in the right way,they’ll not only no old-fashioned and dust, but more soft and feminine!

If it is black wigs for women to start the hair styling, be sure to avoid the volume of the roll out too much, that would give people a heavy feeling of hair. A ripple large curly hair is very fresh and beautiful, and then leave a ray of fine curls in the ears, with crystal bright earrings with together, super sweet and beauty!

Air bangs wigs for women, highlight the lovely temperament, looks gentle and well-behaved.

Partial gorgeous curly wigs for women is gorgeous and charming, coupled with the lips is simply lore.

With fashionable dress,hair volume and curvature can not be very small, so not only to highlight the classical atmosphere is also very fashionable, best with the 37 points wigs for women, classic and charming.

Lob wigs for women in this year will still be the mainstream, but we can try to give the original Lob head a little transformation, such as hot a little degree, the degree of fashion will be greatly enhanced.

How to transform your look with wigs for women.

There are a number of popular options to experiment with these days, such as changing your hair colour or cutting your hair into a different style or length.However, a drastic transformation can be intimidating for most which is why more and more people are opting for less permanent solutions such as human hair wigs for women, weaves or temporary hair dyes.

Lace front wigs for women of all kinds, colours and lengths are fast gaining popularity.

From braids to curls… a hair change is possible without having to spend hours at the hairdresser or compromising your hairline.Lace front wigs for women have several benefits over traditional weaves and braiding techniques.

The greatest benefit comes from the cap design “lace” base of the wigs for women, which is designed to make it appear as though the hair is growing directly from your scalp.

This innovative design means no more blending issues, no more covering tracks, and best of all, the versatility of being able to wear your hair in any style you can imagine.Styles that are impossible with traditional weaving methods such as high ponytails, corn rows, and twists can be achieved with a whole lace wigs for women.

Also, because all of your own hair is tucked safely away beneath the wigs for women, it is possible to maintain healthy hair care and growth for your own hair, avoiding heating utensils and the wear and tear of daily styling – all while maintaining a fabulous, natural look.

If chemo is taking your hair, wigs for women can help.

When women started losing her hair during chemotherapy, we recommend wigs for women to cancer patients through the American Cancer Society.

In the growing world economy today, more and more people in their lives to ignore their health status, the incidence of cancer is also getting higher and higher, Women’s uterine cancer and breast cancer is also increasing.

And when we received cancer treatment, such as hair loss and other body-borne How can the changes be improved? Maybe you should consider the wigs for women to prove your appearance.


A beautiful blonde. A fiery redhead. A curly brunette … hair identifies and helps to define people. Losing hair to cancer can feel like a loss of identity, wigs for women can helping someone in need!

What kind of wigs for women for girl looks good in the autumn and winter.

There’s 5 wigs for women can be reference for you.

Short hairs:

1.Multi-level short hair wigs for women, with brown hair to bring out the white tender skin. The overall feeling fresh yet stylish, suitable for school and suitable for work, with a dress to attend the banquet is ok, very wild. Very suitable for this party season.

2.Short wigs for women not only fashionable but also easy to take care of everyday. Oblique bangs and eyebrows just can be modified face, to create a nice little face, dark brown hair is also lining color, suitable for fashionable women.

Long lobs:

3.Perm wigs for women, hair messy personality, hair tail Alice to both sides of the hair more close to the face, modified a more beautiful contours, while large bangs modified face, while emitting a sexy atmosphere, how to see the United States.

Medium long hair:

4.Length to the clavicle in the long hair, wigs for women with the buckle bangs within the bangs, by age effect is good, like the students can try.

Long hair:

5.Autumn and winter’s wigs for women return to simple this year, long bangs with tail hair Alice design, so long straight hair look more gas field, to enhance the degree of suction eye, it is suitable for workplace girls.

Eight Ways To Make Your Halloween Wigs for women Look Real.

The day-halloween!The annual chance to be someone else, if only for a night. One of the easiest ways to go incognito? Throwing on a wigs for women, which can take you from pin-straight brunette to Natalie Portman in Closer real quick. But not all wigs are created equal…


Whether you’re splurging on a human hair piece or just want to make your synthetic wigs for women look as real as possible, it’s all about customization and having the right tricks up your sleeve.For a crash course, I went to Bumble and bumble’s downtown salon, where their stylists decoded exactly how to tailor a wig by helping me customize a wig in advance of Halloween.


Here exactly what you need to do, real or synthetic:


1.Dye it a different color.
“If you’re planning on buying a wigs for women and having a colorist color it for Halloween, look for one with natural hair fibers–you will also be able to heat style natural hair versus burning a synthetic wig,” explains Bb.colorist Luis Ayala, adding that blonde wigs will be the easiest to color and tone


2.Shop at a hair store instead of costume store.
Whether they’re year-round or a seasonal pop-up, costume shops will overcharge for wigs for women. Beauty supply stores that sell wigs will be your best bet for a solid quality-to-price ratio.

Portrait of the beautiful young woman with long brown hair

3.Cut or trim it.
“Out of box, wigs for women often don’t have a great cut,” explains Bumble and bumble Stylist Mischa G. “You should be cutting or trimming them to the best of your ability.” Or, take it to a pro stylist.


4.Add powder to get rid of plastic-y shine.
Real or synthetic, wigs for women often come with an unnatural shine. You can counter this by misting on dry shampoo or applying other kinds of hair powder, says Misc102507

5.Tweeze the center part.

Off-the-shelf wigs have eerily-perfect center parts and hairlines. Wigs for women to make yours look more natural, use tweezers to pluck out random strands.

Brown Hair. Portrait of Beautiful Woman with Long Hair.

6.Add oomph with product.
Synthetic and especially healthy human hair wigs for women will both need a boost in the volume department. If you’re starting off with wet human hair, blow dry a soft thickening spray into it.

10 short hairstyles for women , choose the right face type cut just look good

Each girl has short hair complex, more or less want to try a short hair, and some of a hairstyles for women make you feel fall in love, and some cut make you have want to die, broken hair just fell to vow to stay hair.

hairstyles for women

How to choose a short hairstyles for women for your own, after reading your cut or cut heart there are a few.

hairstyles for women

I suggest you can cut from these points:

hairstyles for women

First to find their own style,
And then determine the approximate face,
Is a very special fluffy hair very little or very docile or natural curly hair quality,
According to their height selection length,choose one hairstyles for women for yourself.

hairstyles for women

1.ladies hairstyles for women, suitable for short hair of the student sister
Face: oval face, oval face, long face, oval face, inverted triangular face, large forehead face
Hair: hair volume is relatively small, the natural volume can be, but the special thick hair impatient hair is not suitable.

hairstyles for women

2.Capable type, personality hairstyles for women
Style: Comparison of the pursuit of individual dress, work more active people active.
Face: fit oval face, square face, oval face, inverted triangular face, round face. Diamond face, almond face.
Hair: hair quality or hair are more suitable for moderate, if the hair is very hard and have a strong natural volume can be appropriate to do hair straight to the hair supple.

hairstyles for women

3.Tender egg rolls hairstyles for women

hairstyles for women
Style: want to highlight the most suitable for women
Face: fit oval face, inverted triangular face, diamond face, round face. Square face, pear-shaped face, oval face, almond face, oval face.
Hair: hair medium or less of the girls, the natural volume of the more powerful do not try.

hairstyles for women