The 2017 fashion men’s colored wigs.

According to the hair and skin colored wigs to dye a fashion hair is more likely to attract other people’s eyes! Now follow the small series together to look at some of the boys recommended hair style. Today’s men have become increasingly focused on personal image, and a fashion trend of hair and hair to attract more people’s attention. The following small series to introduce a number of boys colored wigs, a look at it.

1. square face
Due to the lower jaw bone is more prominent, can colored wigs lightness in the face around the. Refers to the dark color brightness sensitivity degree, is also in a strong light, the color will be relatively light, on the other hand, it is quite dark, but some color bangs not dyed too bright, there is no need to dye hair, otherwise the contour is not easy to be foiled.
2. oval face
Oval face boys, only in the face on both sides of the darker colored wigs, such as dark brown.

3. round face
Round face is not suitable for the color of the colored wigs is too shallow, such as yellow, light yellow, otherwise, it will not have enough three-dimensional features become more planar.
4. rectangular face
You can choose in the cheeks on both sides of the selected colored wigs is more bright colors, such as brown, but to choose more deep color than the color of the hair at the top of the cheeks, such as chestnut brown, in contrast, soften the excellent rectangular face contour lines.

5. regular triangle face
With double colored wigs or dye layer to gradually narrow the degree of modification of the forehead, the focus is on the color under the light weight, should avoid coloring or coloring.
6. inverted triangular face
Suitable choice of color expression, or the colored wigs. In the hair above the ears to choose a deep hair color, so that the face can be a little wider.

Choose a really suitable for their colored wigs, is it not so difficult to imagine it?